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Kevin Lyons Collab

Exclusive kids apparel line

This collaboration is one of the highlights of FW21. Kevin Lyon is well-known for his monster graphics, the Brooklyn-based designer, illustrator and creative, has created exclusive artworks for adidas Originals – with a deeper message: It celebrates Kids authenticity, originality and encourages them to be uniquely themselves.

Shooting Photo.
We integrated Kevin Lyons monsters into the kids environment as their friends, as their real friends, part of their life, here to support them to create their own future and to enhance their voice and their originality.

Graphic direction.
In our visual language we want to reduce the gap between the reality and the imaginary, by connecting the kids pictures with the visual language. To do so, we have the monster illustrations from the picture coming out of the frame, partly placed on the background, to connect both worlds, reality and imaginary.

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