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Back To School 

International Campaign

Creation of the 2022 annual adidas Back to School campaign, dedicated to our GenZ generation. 


Back to school means a lot for GenZ. It means they’ve just enjoyed a holiday, Time off you could say. But for them this time is when they’re at their busiest. They are free, this is a time for growth. A time where they experimented and had all the time in the world to perfect their skills.


They’re coming back stronger, back to all their friends, with new ideas, inspiration, moves and attitudes. School is their stage, let’s set the scene and let them shine.

Our intention was to remove the pressure for GenZ to play within the lines that limit their originality and hand them the power to redefine, reframe and remix the game to create new possibilities. They have a lot to tell and adidas gives them the stage where their words resonate louder to the world.

Shooting photo in Cape Town SA.
We created school locations re-invented by our audience where we let them express themselves and show off their skills. We let them bend the rules established by the previous generations. It was their time to create the future with fun and colors.


Design direction: Virtual window.
We asked ourselves what if GenZ was in charge of re-inventing school and sport? What would their new reality look like? We imagined that their world was accessible and welcoming everybody simply through a less. Through an ‘augmented’ window, a virtual portal, to enable access to their own world. From anywhere, at anytime and with anyone. 


An ingenious superposition between the school as we know it, established by our previous generations, and the school re-imagined by the GenZ generation.


Digital and retail rollout.
Over a thousand of assets have been thought through for the worldwide markets. Here just a tiny sample.

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