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Sam The Chat Bot

Graphic Identity

Motion Design: Csaba Táczi

Samsung was on time with the chatbot, but many consumers are not aware of this service. Samsung wants to market this service better, since it has added value for customers who simply need a quick answer to a common question, so live agents can focus on more complex issues.

Create a visual personality of Sam the chatbot that will inspire trust and offer immediate & easy help to satisfy Samsung consumers 24/7. The new face of Sam will be incorporate in various communication and service channels in order to increase awareness and brand equity of Samsung Service and the chatbot. The character must be interesting for a wide audience and a great representation of Samsung Service. Goes Further. And the aligned vision.


Come in with a frown,

leave with a smile.

Customers connecting to SAM are very likely lost, confused or frustrated about a product, and therefor in need of efficient help and service.


This means SAM has the difficult task to change a relatively negative emotion into a positive one.
All in the course of this contact.

How will look like the face of SAM the chatbot,

that translates Samsung Service values?

Samsung Service. Goes Further.

...Is going further




...Is an active, accessible and surprising brand




...Is personal and easy to approach




People with a 'millennial mindset’ of all ages who want to explore and connect.



Set on achievement


Want to experience and share

Try new things near and far

Always on

Expect high quality in life and make discerning choices


Customer Experience is key.
Consumers’ expectations in terms of customer service are changing. They expect 24/7/365 service availability, and an effortless experience. Most consumers approach Sam with a negative request. They are unhappy about a Samsung product or service not working properly. They ask Sam to fix it quickly for them.

Turning disappointment into contentment.
Through Sam’s attentive tone of voice and new appearance, the chatbot will literally improve the relation with the unhappy customer – and by coming up with solutions - turn disappointment into contentment.

To do so, Sam needs to have an appearance that inspires, is trustworthy, professional, committed and friendly. By being innovative and an expert, contemporary, and young, Sam also answers to the Samsung Service values.


Is SAM a he, or a she?


SAM is not a he or a she. Sam can be what the customer wants it to be. This way SAM’s unique personality and gender adapts to the customer’s interpretation.

Graphic process


The shape of Sam is developed from the shape of the S of Samsung. Sam really comes from the core of the Samsung guidelines.


We created a little smart communication device with the shape of a face to give it a friendly look, but also a clean and minimalistic one, according to Samsung ‘s sophisticated look & feel. Mainly the eyes are used to express emotions in several animations.


Sam’s face serves as a screen to show content, like products texts or eye expressions so it becomes a real communication channel by itself. This way we create a techy and happy feeling towards Sam.

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