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Personal Project

Investigate and Discover a Family Secret

Point & Click Game Application

Project in collaboration with LE CUBE where the idea is to put the human being at the heart of a digital project by proposing an interactive Ipad application concept whose key words are:
- Connected generations - New intergenerational practices - Link between generations through digital.

We have chosen to approach the notion of family secrets to deal with the intergenerational theme, to address the target of the Cube which is large public and family.

Each family has secrets, so it is by definition intergenerational. Family secrets weigh on our destiny, as they affect up to three generations: "If the instaurator of a secret performs rather well, the consequences of it are mainly felt in the 2nd and 3rd generation because of the psychological insecurity it creates ... "
Serge Tisseron (Psychoanalyst).


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long and heavy history that is going through and impacting generations.
The media convey an image of Palestine reduced exclusively to its conflict, to the detriment of its many artistic and traditional cultures.


Investigate and discover a family secret hidden in their attic and learn about an unknown culture.

Provide a fun and poetic user experience (a point & click game) dealing with serious issues for all generations.

In a few key words : Playful / Contemplative / Poetic / Immersive / Documentary. 

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